Deirdre » I miss this!
Vimax Asli » nice blog anda article very good
Obat Pembesar Penis » nice blog anda article very good
Greg » hi all!
Wachyou Potter » tell me about blog please....
Lord Dorian » Hello all, my blog is about complaints and rants about everyday annoyances, it's quite interesting, please click on my name and visit my blog thank you $$ D.N.S $$
farahgirlie » YES
farahgirlie » YES
farahgirlie » hi
koyi » hai
Gary » Same here Becca... new to this stuff... pretty cool stuff up here though...
Practically at Home » What fun! Great prompt.
Becca » I am doing my first one today!
FickleMinded » fellow blogdrive here and i also want to join the wednesday mind hump
Ice » I'm interested to join maybe next Wednesday. :0
CaraKate » Hi! I'm here reading and peeking. I'll be joining the next Wednesday!
Laura » You really need to check your links below. Most of them are coming up 404 or domain sold. Disappointing cause the bandwidth one was really interesting to me. We had just been discussing that.
ClubMomma » My answers are posted
ClubMomma » Woo Hoo!
jennieboo » Yay! I love BD Insanity! Humping is AWESOME!
The Meme Directory » Hi. I've started a new site that will be listing and featuring memes. Please check out to learn more and to request a free listing. Thanks!
Roberto » wtf this place sux
Nikki » Hiya, great here, have just put mine up but couldn't find a linkie anywhere apart from the bd insanity ones? Cheers!
Zooomabooma » My first Wednesday Mind Hump, i just got it up!
chita » your blog is awesome! i love this green n blue combination
Mallard the Gherkin » Mine are up! Thanks!
Deirdre » Happy Wednesday, BDI.
logtar » I have returned!
Lucinda » How ever made this or layout it look very nice. i like it.
Carrie » I put my first meme up from here Hugs
Deirdre » <3
7oneders » I think i'm going crazy!
Gabrielle » Mine's up. Sorry for posting here as the comment page loading too slow here
Adnan Mansoori »
Adnan Mansoori »
Adnan Mansoori » hello friends miss me
nc » Mambo'd
Mephala » Tag! Wednesday Humped a day late.
Polly » Mamboed, a day late. <3
Deirdre » Oooh! BDI! <3!!!
Diana » sorry but what is this
Jen-O » ...
Polly » I've now posted the mambos for the past two weeks. It's been a while!! Glad to be back.
Jen-O » i just mamboed and humped for a bunch of random dates!!! Yay!!!
malika » I am new at this site, but I love to share! Help?
blifme » Hello Y'all! Just dropping by to send my love here. Sorry for not updating. U guys are the best *hugs*
Leza » How are things here?
Leza » Wow, it has been a while, I havent had much time for blogging
~DoMi~ » is anyone online?
~DoMi~ » is anyone online?
meowminx » Just letting you know my new link for my blog thanks and have a great week ahead of you!
PRACTiCAL CHiCK » I'm new and just humped for the first time.
Friday » I just went to the members page and see that the last time it was updated was October 1st. I'm sorry about the wait. I don't have access to those records either. I will try to rectify that.
rfduck » Link away!
haze » i want to link you guys up in my blog!! can i do that?
rfduck » Sorry about that, Lucy! I don't approve the members, I just write the memes. I'll see if I can find someone who can help with that.
Lucy » Wow, so I guess there is no point in joining the clique... "Members: 179 Pending: 288 Last Updated: December 2, 2005"
KnicKnac » First time with your meme!!!
jstar » Come and see mine!!
Elton » I did get Revelations, and I'm definitely digging it! It's harder than their older stuff, but I haven't ranked it yet. I still like their first album best, I think.
meowminx » New member here ^_^
christine » Hey... my Mambo is UP... come over for a visit
Easy E » Thanks for the tip on the Revelations release date, Russ! Now I'll be sure to get it Sept 5!
Nicte » Aloha to everybody!! New member of Insanity ^^ Hope all u guys are ok!
Spacenoodle » hi, lokk, i don't know if you lot will remember me...but i'm back. i remember back in 03 when BDI was tiny! anyhooo. glad the madness is spreading!
little light » hiya there, everyone. enjoy the summer! (though storms are raging in my country)
Da King » Don't forget 2006's Remote Control Day on June 29!
KAye » hi.nice blog here!
Erin » I did my Music Manbo...cha cha cha!
***Lee » any bloggers from philippines?
Jean » Hi! What a cool idea! I applied! Awesome blog!
Rinckle » Hello ~(~(~(~(~
Becki » Just saying hi and passing by
plh » *runs through screaming... immmm insane immm insaneeee pulls out hair immmmm insaneeeeeeeeeeee hehehe
iEn » hiii..
emily » sup
emily » sup dawgz
c » wha
fdghjk » gay.
Leza » I humped!
rfduck » I can't seem to get Blogdrive's comment box to work, so I'm saying here that my mambo for the 30th is up. I'll visit your mambos when the comments work again.
Cathy » I just got my hump on.
Lisa » I've happily humped today!
Lisa » I've happily humped today!
hip » found out (due to the lovely ultra sound invention) that ima have a litte boy.. with large hands.. that he likes in his mouth.. go figure lol
Husz »
Ranee » wow my first hump in months, gosh it's nice to be back!
Leza » I humped
bliffy » Merry X'mas y'all! I really really really miss you all *hugs*
Friday » Congrats Melly dearest! *hug, hug, hug, hug* <<<< gentle hugs because of your delicate condition
Melly » congrats hip, im also due in may.
Friday » CONGRATS, hip!!!!!!!
Irishcoda/Storytelle » I mambo'ed in my new "home"
hip » havent meme'd in a while - just wanted u guys to know im preg. - babys due in may =]
Linny » Hello all! It's been a while, but I'm back. Insane hugs to all my fellow loons!
darkRoze » this blog is absolutely adorable! Just blog hopping from dania.. really cute guys!
fragnatic » just dropping by. and leaving no droppings..^_^
Davedough » my humping skills are matched by no one
Khali » It's been awhile! HIYA!
O'EO » My link is not correct above in the newest members. i did the update on the update form about a week ago. Can you update it please? thanks. The klink above is no good.